Can You Use Fine Ground Coffee In A French Press

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Coffee ground for french press has more carbon dioxide caught in the larger granuals, while coffee ground for drip allows most of the carbon dioxide to escape. As a result, ground coffee floats, while more finely ground coffee sinks..I usually make two grinds for my coffee a fine grind for my Moka and a cogrind to take to work so I can put it in a French press. Today I zoned out and ground .Trying to use fine coffee on a french press is like trying to drain coffee through a strainer. The grounds will slip through the holes and get into the coffee. It’s more of a physical thing..If you want to just use the regular old Folgers pre ground coffee in your french press than you’ll do just fine except your coffee will not taste anywhere as good as it could taste. When you use pre ground coffee grind your coffee will be a bit stale and it will have a lot of sediment in the bottom of your cup which will make it taste overly strong and a bit bitter too..

Overview. Add cold clean water in the drip machine. Use tablespoons of Ground coffee per cup of water. Use more if you’re bold! If using Whole Beans, grind just .Step by step instructions for using a French press, also known as a press pot, to make coffee. Plus tips for buying a French press and coffee grinder..