Coffee Service Set Melitta Cafina Alpha Coffee Republic

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‘ Touch screen, designed for self serve. Suitable for corporate Offices,els, Clubs. Any Coffee related Drink, Chocolate and Chai Latte by the press of aon..The Cafina XT is a true Commercial Automatic Office Coffee Machine made by Melitta, a Germain company leading the way in Super Automatic Coffee Machines providing solutions for the Corporate Office, QSRs,els, Petroleum..The new Melitta Cafina XT, a benchmark in office coffee service, where ease of cleaning and operation can not be compromised. The Cafina XT optional integrated with chocolate and by the push of oneon, you can dispense any coffee related product..Melitta Cafina XT Super Automatic Coffee Machine, the best for Self Serve operation in Corporate offices, Convenient Stores, Service Stations, Eleven..