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Brew a variety of beverages easily in the office or at home with Flavia coffee packets. Recycle used packets with Mars Drinks sustainability program…ociated equips your office coffee system with top of the line coffee machines and your favorite coffeends. From traditional coffee makers to single cup systems .AltaFoodcraft brings great coffeends into the office to boost employee en.ement and productivity. Enjoy Starbucks,ts, Intelligentsia, Nespresso, Keurig K .Make office coffee breaks quick and easy with this Keurig K commercial brewing system. Enjoy beverages throughout the workday by installing this fully .

Flavia machines for ALTERRA coffee packets. Alterra coffee packets are produced by Mars Drinks and are compatible with Flavia coffee machines, which are ideal for office or home beverage requirements.The Mars Drinks Barista brews coffee, tea, latte, espresso, and cappuccino just like a coffee shop but staff don’t need to leave the office..Great coffee goes a long way in making employees happy, and we know it.ociated offers a broad variety of local and national coffee favorites for delivery in the San Francisco Greater Bay Area. We also equip your office with a wide range of drip and espresso coffee machines..