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When selecting coffee, it’s important to remember that an acidic flavor doesn’t necessarily indicate a higher acidic content. Generally, coffee has a pH of . out of while lemon juice has a pH of ..Puroast is probably the most popularnd of low acid coffee. They offer up to a reduction in acid compared to othernds. Since dark roast blends of coffee have less acid than lighter roasts, try their Dark French Roast..Puroast achieves their low acid coffees by their “pure roasting” process, which consists of slowly roasting the beans in a wood fire. They’re pretty old school about the whole thing, which, in this case, is good for your digestive tract..The Puroast Low Acid Coffee French Roast Single Serve Coffee is one of the darker blends of the low acid coffees, and many people will love the richness of flavor that Puroast has created for this K cup..