What Does Prime Mean On The Keurig Coffee Machine

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What does it mean when it says prime on my keurig coffee maker Hi, Here is a tip that I wrote that will give you some things to try that will helpyou get your Keurig coffee brewer workin.ain..What does prime mean on a Keurig? It means the system is not full of water and has to have the air removed. Instructions to do so include . Place a cup on the drip tray plate. Remove the lid from the water reservoir, then remove the water reservoir from the coffee brewer and fill with fresh, cool water. Place the reservoir back into the brewer and replace the lid. . Press the poweron .How to Prime a Keurig By LeafTV Editor Dealing with anything complicated before your first cup of coffee can be a challenge, which is why the one .on convenience of Keurig coffee makers is such a strong selling point. It’s also why any malfunction in the normally reliable brewers is so frustrating. One common cause of frustration is the.The Prime indicator on a Keurig machine means that water is not coming out of the reservoir because waste is clogging the pump. Users can fix this problem by cleaning the water reservoir and completing a few water only cycles. To clean the water reservoir, the user must remove it from the Keurig .