What Kind Of Coffee To Use In A French Press

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Make sure your French press has been thoroughly cleaned since you last used it. Any old grounds stuck in the mesh filter will ruin your coffee with bitter flavors. For best results, we strongly recommend starting with whole bean coffee and grinding with a burr grinder immediately before brewing..What do I need? A French Press duh and a heat source, coffee, water, and optionally sugar. What type of coffee grind? The French Press uses a medium to cogrind..To be brief You can use any coffee roast you want in a french press coffee maker. The best coffee roast for french press is what you already have on hand or what you already like for the standard drip method..P.o by Christy via Flickr. When I am asked what is the best coffee for French press, or the best beans for manual drip, I usually hesitate.Recommending a coffee to someone can be a very difficult task..

I don’t have this exact French Press. I have a gl ring, oz press and a stainless steel double wall oz press that I use as well. I had never used a press before March of ‘ when a friend of mine started her own coffee company..Nothing is better than an iced coffee on a summer day. In the tutorial, we explain how to make cold brew coffee with a French press.