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Where To Buy Bulletproof Coffee b Where To Buy Bulletproof Coffee

Recently Dave Asprey, CEO of Bulletproof Coffee and also the founder of this buttered-coffee movement, declared he is bringing a ready-to-drink variant of the high-fat, caffeinated beverage to over 400 Whole Foods stores.

Therefore, for any question about where to buy bulletproof coffee, the answer is to get it online from the Bulletproof online store or to directly visit the nearest offline store of Bulletproof and its affiliate stores. To get infomation about Bulletproof Coffee offline stores addresses, please use product locator link in the offical website of Bulletproof Coffee.

The Bulletproof Coffee company has sold the components required to create buttered coffee separately for several years, but the brand new carton format makes it more available for skeptics, of which there are numerous. This version of packaging will make user easier to drink and taste the bulletproof coffee instantly. Without being busy to prepare the drink. There are several flavors for this version. Bulletproof Coffee presents original, vanilla, mocha and original + collagen flavor. It’s only cost $58.95 for each pack.

Bulletproof Coffee claims to reduce brain fog and boost mental function and vitality, besides providing a caffeine jolt.

Although for many people, bulletproof coffee (BPC) describes a cup of almost any “butter coffee”, the first BPC. It is created out of high quality coffee beans and is well known for getting the lowest mould toxin levels. As we found out by ourselves, it tastes perfect even without any sweetener or cream. Actually, some people choose to drink it black in its original condition without any addition.

Dave Asprey invented The Bulletproof Coffee after coming back from his trip to Tibet.
During in Tibet, he drank tea with yak butter and that inspired him to create the Bulletproof Coffee

If you’re interested in the science supporting the Bulletproof Coffee and how it’s created, take a look
at Dave Asprey’s article in his own website.

Attempting to recreate the beverage he appreciated, he turned tea out to coffee and additional
Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil as well as the unsalted peanut butter.

Perfecting his mixture, he published it on his own Blog at 2009. Dave asserts it enhances performance, concentrate and promotes weight reduction. He also lost significant weight in a total BPC regime.

Since 2009 it’s quickly gaining popularity with fitness professionals, celebrities and lots of people hoping to lose a few pounds. Even there are pro and contra about this invention among nutritional expert and practitioner, the Bulletproof Coffee continuously becomes popular.